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Yes. F-CUT.  It's actually my first time to do this.

I have 70 people in my f-list and only talk to less than 20. I know I'm not really that much active in lj, so I don't get to talk to some of the people in my f-list. Also, some of the people's journals that befriended me are empty and some, like me, don't post much stuff in their lj.

That's why commenting in my friends-only post is useless if you've never even bothered commenting to some of my other posts.

ANYWAY. comment here if you want to be add back again. :) I don't bite. :D


Meteor Shower

Title: Meteor Shower
Pairing: ChiiTaro
Rating: Pg-13?
Genre: Romance, Angst
Disclaimer: I dont own them. :(
Summary: Chinen is ill. He met Ryutaro a year ago at a hill when there was a meteor shower. sorry! i suck at summaries! :(
Note: This is Chinen’s POV
Warning: Character death

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